Thursday, July 10, 2008

Good Morning!

It's 4:15 am and I am sitting in front of my computer. I should be sleeping? I was. In fact, I slept well tonight - the first good sleep I've had in awhile. The Air Conditioning is back on at the Muir household and I feel like a normal human being again. I hate to admit how out of control I get when heat and humidity oppress me, but there it is. My life has been strange for over a week ... just a lot of things going on and with the fact that I've had no air conditioning, I haven't even been in my home for at least that long. Do you know how weird it is to be in Omaha and not go home? Yeah, I don't like it.

But, right now I feel rested and content and finally a yearning to spend time in the quiet with God. Oh. The other part of being all 'out of the ordinary' is that I was constantly around someone. Anyone, everyone. I was never alone. A lot of it was Max and I love him more than life itself, but don't forget. I'm a hermit at heart. And we hermits need definite alone time with a little bit of air conditioned comfort! Today is going to be a great day!

I took Leica in for dental work and the removal of two fatty tumors from her chest yesterday. After I dropped her at the veterinarian in the morning, I came back to my very warm house. I sat in front of a few fans and it was tolerable. Ichabod was awfully glad to see me and get a chance to hang out with me. I had ordered a Kindle from and it showed up about 10:30. That meant that this girl didn't do anything at all. In fact, I had to drag myself away from the thing at 2:45 to make a sandwich to calm the growling of my stomach. I can't believe I am going to be able to feed my reading addiction again. It is a most wonderful tool.

Whoops ... I got distracted. You don't know it, but a bit of time has passed since I typed the last paragraph. I was praying, heard God tell me to get to my Bible, realized that I could put one on my Kindle and ended up at I know, I know ... He meant the Bible that sits on my desk. But, right now it's stuck in a bag somewhere. And yes, I know full well, that God wasn't encouraging me to purchase one more thing. But hey, give a girl a break! While I was there, I decided that I really needed Lee Strobel's, "Case for a Creator." Ummm ... yup, this is going to be a problem.

So - off I go. I'm going to have to turn a light on at this point so that I can actually read and communicate with God through His Word. But, it's cool in the house, I've had 5 hours of sleep and I can get a few more when we're done chatting!

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