Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weird Dreams

You know, I've told some of my friends that I have very strange dreams and I really enjoy them! In fact, they are generally more entertaining than television. A lot of my dreaming is based on books that I'm reading - the freakier, the better!

This morning I was in the middle of a dream stranger than most. Max woke me up as he was getting ready to leave and I tried to tell him I was having weird dreams, but he pretty much ignored me and went about doing his thing. Hmmmm ... I don't blame him (hehe).

However, this was entertaining enough that I have to share with you!

The whole family was at Bell's Dell (our cabin in north central Iowa). Jim had brought up some old D&D gaming things, with characters that I had developed years ago. I thought it was fun. Then, for some reason or other, he and I needed to leave to deal with something. We got in his van and at some point were on the interstate headed east. I looked up, the sky was bubbling in interesting colors and then, there was a huge dragon coming toward us. It opened it's mouth and whoosh! A blast of flame surrounded the van. We drove through it and the dragon continued its westward path. I looked at Jim and said, "I'm glad you're here to see this. Otherwise, no one would believe me!" He kept driving and another ... smaller dragon was in front of us. It opened its mouth, but we moved past it quickly and no more blasts of fire.

As I looked up there were immense creatures all over. They looked like the large balloons that you see in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, but were autonomous and nearly alive. There was an immense, cartoonish elephant rumbling down the opposite side of the interstate, scattering cars to the side.

I was trying to call Max (Jim had this awesome computer display in the visor of his car - don't ask, I make these things up in my dreams) to let everyone know what was happening. Jim turned off the interstate to head back to Bell's Dell. Whatever errand we were on was not nearly as important as getting back to our families. Along this 2 lane road, all of a sudden, there was an immense Spiderman that flew up beside us. He pulled ahead of us and began rapidly clapping his hands to stir up the air currents and throw us off course. It didn't work and he flew away.

By the time we got back to the cabin, there was a large group of people there. And for some reason, I was in serious trouble. These people were afraid of me and I found myself on a deck facing a wood chipper! I looked around the meadow and saw my family and a few friends. Carol got my attention to show me how they were planning to get me out of the situation. I just needed to hold them off for a few minutes. So, I began to preach! I called for my Bible. Someone found it and brought it to me and I started to preach on fear and the end of the world.

I kept looking at the wood chipper and thinking that this was not a pleasant way to die and I needed to get these people to turn their minds to something else.

And then ... I woke up.

I know where the wood chipper came from in the dream. I had been watching several episodes of "Bones" and that implement was used to spread skeletal parts around an area. Carol is at Bell's Dell this weekend and I've talked to her several times, so I know why that imagery is in my mind. But, the large balloon characters? Dragons on the interstate? Preaching on the end of the world? Yah. Got no idea.

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Anonymous said...

My dreams are right up there with you!! It's the one positive I have seen in not being a hard sleeper...I remember all of the crazy, crazy fun I have while my eyes are closed!!

Love -- Tracy