Saturday, July 05, 2008

Gotta love Wifi

We are back in Webster City ... at a hotel ... with a shower ... and wifi!! My brother pulled the shower out of our cabin last fall and we are still working on the plan to replace it. Consequently, I refuse to sleep there. At some point in my day I need to have hot running water. Alright, it's not so much a refusal as it is a chance to hide for a night and offer the rest of my family a shower tomorrow.

We were up here a month or so ago and in a different hotel which advertised wifi and the stupid girls at the customer service desk couldn't figure out how to make it work. I wanted to send my half-nekkid husband down there and simply have him unplug and re-plug in their router, but I figured that internet wasn't worth the effort of bailing him out of jail. We are at a different hotel this evening and not only is there easily accessible internet, but it's also much nicer. Score!

What a great day we've had. We were a little concerned since none of us had been up to the cabin since the Iowa flooding happened last month. The meadow had every possibility of being a complete mess with debris littered throughout. That would require an enormous amount of work from all of us as we tried to clean it up so that it could be mowed. But, yea! the meadow looked pretty good and the grass wasn't as tall as we worried it might be. See ... worry gets you nowhere.

I have the best family. I'm not kidding you! There are three of us kids - my sister, Carol and my brother, Jim who has 3 kids with his wife Janet. The eight of us truly enjoy being with each other. In fact, we miss each other a lot when we wait too long to hang out. Max, Jim & Janet took off this afternoon for Fort Dodge and came back with a fire pit grill. So, Jim grilled steaks over hickory wood for dinner! Oh my goodness - better than any restaurant!

Carol mowed the meadow, I watched Jake play video games, Matthew talked to his girlfriend on the phone, Emma texted her friends and took a nap, the dogs played ... great day.

After dinner we congregated in the screened-in front porch to laugh and enjoy each other. Of course, no matter where we tried to take the conversation, it always ended up with poop. Good heavens, we could not leave that conversation to save our lives. But, you know what? I've come to the conclusion, that everything ends up as poop.

We'll head back in the morning for more fun, lots more food and probably more poop conversations. We are also planning how to renovate and re-energize the cabin. We are a little excited as we think about finding ways to make it look nice and be more useful for small and large groups.

Max and I are staying in the same hotel we stayed at last year when we were here for Dad's funeral. It was kind of strange walking in here - the last time I was here, I was caught up in strange emotions. It's interesting to think about how time changes our outlook on things.

Max has taken his shower. It's my turn. Goodnight!

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