Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Covered in 'em

Ok, really? This is nuts.

It's after midnight and I may finally be able to fall asleep. But, only because I am so coated in Solarcaine with AloeExtra that my pores no longer breathe!

My sister, Carol had a birthday party at her house Saturday night. Most of us (ok, pretty much all of us) were outside in her backyard. Freshly mown that afternoon. Carol asked me in the middle of the afternoon if she should fog it. I poohpoohed the idea. We'll be fine. HAHAHAHA!! Bite me, will you! Well, actually they did.

I am literally covered in chigger bites. I haven't had them this bad since I was in ... well, since at least the 1970s. These things itch and itch and itch and before I know it there are bites popping out all over everywhere on my body. At first, I just thought I had a few mosquito bites. Those are pretty tolerable and easy to deal with. But, this? This is nuts!

And oh yes, there will be scars. Guaranteed. The thing is - at my age? I don't give a hoot in hell. If a scar is required to itch the scratch away, fine!

I had sprayed Solarcaine earlier - but, then discovered the gel ... much better.

So, Carol ... next time don't bother asking ... just fog the damned place. We'll all be a lot happier and I won't be wide awake after midnight because my itches need to be scratched!

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