Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have tried to become much more alert to the things that I travel past as I go back and forth from Omaha to central Iowa. I find that I actually spend more time confused than I do enlightened, but at some point I will begin learning more and more about the cool things I see.

Yesterday, as I was traveling north on Highway 17, I saw a sign that read “Upper Midwest Manure Handlers Expo.” I was just a bit startled. Only because I’ve spent too much time living in a city!

As I glanced over to where it was being held, I saw tents going up and many, many cars, trucks and vans pulling in. Exhibitors were showing up to prepare for the event which was happening today. (I found it online, of course I did)

I need to do some more research, because information always needs to be flowing in my mind, but as I understand it, manure can be a great source of cash for hog producers (etc). And where there is cash, there is technology. All of a sudden I became fascinated. However, not enough so that I chose to pull in and wander the Expo … maybe another year.

Iowa is quietly filled with industry that reaches out to the entire globe. There is a lot here that I want to learn more about. This state holds secrets that I want to uncover. I am excited that halfway through my life, I look forward to rediscovering the state I grew up loving.

When we were young, Dad ensured that we saw some of the grand vistas of the United States during our vacations. But, he also took us around the state to see some of the wonders that could be found inside the borders. Last year I sent away for a tourist’s guide of Iowa, and as I glanced through it, the things that stuck out at me were the memories of a childhood spent discovering those places.

So far, I’ve been in a hurry to get here to the cabin and have only traveled the interstate to get here, but as time passes and I get more and more acclimated to staying here, I plan to travel the back roads that I’ve traveled throughout a lifetime, the county highways through small communities and past the beauty of rural Iowa.

This place truly is home to me. It’s where I’ve always lived even though I resided elsewhere.


Susan said...

I found your blog when I ran a google search for James Worden McFarlane & found the wedding announcement for his daughter. I am trying to find information about James Worden McFarlane, your grandfather. I am looking for Family history, his family tree, his ancestors, etc.
I would sincerely appreciate your assistance.

Diane Muir said...

Susan, you can email me at nammynools (at) cox (dot) net and we can discuss this further!