Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sucker for Legos

I have always loved Legos. I don't own any of them personally, but my nephews ended up with more than they should have because I was always buying them for those boys. I love the patterns that these little blocks create and I love that you can either follow a design or make your own. I used to get lost in Legoland at Mall of America, I enjoy every single piece of Lego mania on the internet.

This is the newest: Brickworkz

This guy uses Legos to make mosaics - photographs, business displays. His stuff is phenomenal! And of course, I love it.

This site has some fabulous projects - glorious churches with incredible detail and many other things.

There will never be enough Legos for me. I have no place to put them in my life so I will thoroughly enjoy watching what others do with them. If you have a favorite site, post it ... I'll be very happy!

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