Sunday, August 08, 2010

Ahhh ... lightbulb moments

This is my new image.  This is the way I love to learn. 

I remember some of my first 'lightbulb' moments.  I'm thankful to a few teachers for them.  Mr. Seip - high school chemistry.  Some days I walked in without any motivation to learn and halfway through class he would say something that triggered a flood of thoughts and ideas and all of a sudden I realized what it was that he was teaching me.

Then there was a rather embarrassing day in Mr. Baldus' Algebra I class.  We were working on matrices and I was plugging away at the exercises, trying to get that stupid puzzle to work in my head.  I sat in the second row (I always sit in the second row - close enough to the front so that I am paying attention, but not so that I'm sucking up) and all of a sudden, everything clicked.  I looked up and I'm certain that the shock of the lightbulb effect was all over my face.  He asked me if everything was ok, I assured him I was fine and began scribbling as quickly as possible through the exercises just to ensure that I really had broken through the problem and on to the solution.  I watched him chuckle as he went back to the work on his desk.  Afterwards he caught me as I left and said, "You got it - didn't you?"  Yes, I did!!!  And the moment was exciting.

I love those lightbulb moments.

When I woke up this morning, I had some extra time, so I picked up another of the multitude of Greek textbooks I have laying around.  I was moving through the initial information pretty quickly - for heaven's sake, I've been working on this for awhile now, I shouldn't have to re-learn everything when I pick up a new book, should I?

There have been a couple of stumbling blocks for me as I work through the grammar, things that I should probably just naturally understand, but haven't been sinking in.  I've been pounding pretty hard on grammatical information for the last couple of days and all of a sudden this morning and then again this afternoon, I have had moment after moment of insight and understanding.  I am (again) flooded with information as my mind begins to comprehend the structure of the language.  THIS is where I needed to get so that I would feel comfortable moving forward.

Now, the thing is, in my aged state, I no longer simply allow a look of shock to come over my face when I suddenly grasp a concept.  Oh no, my stupid body sends tears straight to my eyes and it's all I can do to continue reading.  This last time, I shut the book, went looking for a lightbulb image and wrote a blog.  Sheesh, I'm such an old lady!

When is the last time you were thrilled by something you learned and felt that lightbulb explode?

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