Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Cynic? Not in everything.

You know, I love the knowledge and wisdom that comes with age, but sometimes I miss the simplicity of belief that only lives within the young. In many ways, my cynicism is difficult to live with.

This morning was Rally Sunday at church.  We blessed backpacks, prepared for Sunday School, blessed the acolytes, handed out third grade Bibles ... it was a full morning.  As Pastor Mark spoke about the Word of God, he gave a few details.  When he said that the Bible continues to be the top seller in all books, the seventh grade girl sitting in our pew, pumped her fists and said, "Yes!"

In ten or so more years, she will reach the stage we all are at ... old news, we already know that information.  But, right now as she takes in new information all the time, she will continue to be excited.  She will pump her fists at obvious 'wins' and say "Yes!" to things that are great. 

I don't do that so much anymore.  I've lost a lot of wonder at the world.  I've seen pain and joy, life and death, ups and downs, failures and successes.  I see that life cycles and if things aren't great today, they'll get better at some point.  I know that time erases the sharp edges of pain, but it also erases the sharp edges of joy.

The amazing thing is, though that as much as I've become a cynic about people, life, experiences, etc., I've never lost my wonder at the Word of God.  Every single time I open that book, I find myself engrossed in something, whether it's the language, the thoughts, the message, the way it's written. 

There is something incredible about a book that can entrance me even after I have read it over and over.  I always find something new, I always find something to make me search for more information, I always find something that makes me want more.

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