Saturday, August 21, 2010

Computer issues ... blerg.

It's late.  I'm still awake.  But, this evening ... just as I was processing on what to write, our internet went down ... it went down hard!

Modem / router / cables / computers ... oh, for heaven's sake, what was it?  We called our local cable company - Cox ... they're great here.  I love talking to these guys.  It's always a good experience.  Since Max is a computer tech, this shouldn't have been a difficult issue, but something wasn't working at all between the router and the modem. 

We bought a new router this evening - that didn't fix the problem (the modem was working fine).  We called Cox back.  They could see a signal coming to the modem, but going no further.  Max ended up on the phone with a young man from India who worked for Netgear.  After 3 hours of being offline, all of a sudden, things were back to normal.  We're not really sure what happened, but something did.  And for that, I'm thankful.

I don't do well being offline and not knowing why.

Now, I'm tired and I haven't got a single interesting thought in my brain.  I need to fall asleep and have interesting thoughts occur to me tomorrow!

Leica and I stopped this afternoon for a quick break and saw THIS.  I didn't let her out of the car for awhile so we could just watch.  The picture isn't great, they were way back from where we were parked, but the doe and her fawns just watched us until they got spooked.

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