Saturday, August 07, 2010

Patience? Me? Not so much.

When I was in high school, I prayed for patience ... a lot.  It seemed as if I was always presented with a situation that required me to exercise patience and I generally failed.  I've learned a lot over the years, some of those lessons have been beaten into me, others came naturally with age.  I believe, however, that patience will be one of those things that will continue to evade me until my dying day.  Can't you see me now (at age ... oh ... 118 or so) on my death bed wondering why in the world it is taking so long for me to take my final breath?  I'll just be annoyed at the whole thing.

It didn't take me long to learn that when watching movies, if I would just wait a few minutes, the plot or sub plot or raison d'etre for a character would be explained to me.  Sitting in a movie with someone that didn't grasp that concept was frustrating.  Just hush and wait.  I learned patience for that/

I have been anticipating this return to school since last January.  There were a lot of steps that I needed to take in those early months to get things going and I had every one of them handled immediately.  I just wanted to get going with all of it. 

Classes don't actually start until September 7, so I know that there is just about a month before I should fret too terribly much, but my patience ran out today and I finally emailed my academic adviser asking for information on how to get a syllabus for a class so I can look for textbooks, where I find the links to do these courses online, etc., etc., etc.  I will probably receive a very nice email from her on Monday telling me that they are planning a mass communication that very week. I should have just hushed and waited.  We'll see.

I am the girl that reads through my textbooks for the course as quickly as possible before things even begin. I want the roadmap so that I don't get lost in the first week.  This is one of the reasons I have been hitting Greek so hard this summer.  The idea of getting into a course that will challenge me as much as learning a new language, without some background scares me.  I don't like to be scared.  I fear, however, that all of this preparation still will not be enough.  That won't stop me.  I'm memorizing vocabulary (good heavens, a lot of this early stuff makes sense:  uper / hyper, udro / hydro (water), anthropos / anthropology (man, mankind, etc.), angellos / angel (messenger), kardia / cardio (heart). 

The words will come, the information will begin to settle into my mind, and before I know it, I will be tearing through textbooks as quickly as possible, learning as much as I can as fast as I can and I will probably be complaining all over the place about my brain being in terrible pain. 

But, I can hardly wait ... I'm trying to exercise patience and restraint.  I really have no option. 

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