Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Can You Wait?

I was reading my friend, Rebecca's blog (Passive Passion is an Oxymoron) this morning and had to read it a couple of extra times because my brain took off on a tangent right there in the middle of reading and I couldn't concentrate.

As she expressed a bit of frustration regarding the whole 'waiting' thing, I began considering Jesus' ministry.  He spent thirty-three years on this earth and three years in ministry.  I thought a little more about Bible characters and realized that Moses spent a good portion of his life doing nothing more than waiting - forty years at a time!  David had to wait to grow up, wait until Saul died ... he kept waiting for those few years when he would be effective in ministry. 

I look back on my own life and see periods of time where God had me wait to do anything at all and then I had times of explosive creativity and powerful experiences with Him.  I wasn't really good with the waiting, but oh my goodness those periods of time when I felt close to Him and used by Him were amazing ... and exhausting.  He wore me out!  So ... He would take me back to a point of waiting and restoration.

I can tell in Rebecca's life that God is gearing her up to move.  He's creating a desire for action and change in her that will propel her to the next level in their relationship.  She can't sit still any longer, she is ready to fully engage in whatever it is that He wants to give to her.  This is one of those incredible times in a person's life and it is what changes us from being pew potatoes to active Christians - it's what makes us want to be more than just a passive onlooker into someone that desires to be God's servant - wherever it is He wants to move.

Last winter I experienced that sense of motion as I heard God whispering to me.  And now, though ... I'm waiting again.  I feel like I should be doing something, so I attempt to do what I think will help me in the next stage.  What a fool I am.  God will help me in the next stage - I just have to be ready and open to His will.

I know that He is prepared for me to learn more, I can tell by the reaction I'm having to the books I'm (pre) reading for my courses.  I keep sensing a stirring in my mind. 

Where are you in your relationship?  Are you actively waiting, passively sitting or ready to go - right now?!?!  He will be with you in all of those places, but I can promise you He doesn't want you to just sit still and focus on yourself ... focus on Him and He will make His plans known to you!

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