Saturday, June 09, 2007

In Denver!

It's been a very long day and as I sit here typing this, my husband and my dog are asleep on the bed. Poor Max has driven all day long. Poor Leica has been pretty active all day long. I lay down for a few minutes, shut my eyes and allowed myself to rest. That, along with the Sobe Energy drink I'm consuming helps.

Check out the Faith-Westwood site. Cody will be loading pictures tonight after the concert and he's already got one blog posted. I'll be posting there as well (maybe). Dad's van (my van now) was a beautiful ride. We have the drums and a couple of guitars in the back end. You have to know I feel like a real hippie. We're in a 1989 Mazda van. Nothing new about this one, but it's fabulous! I refuse to paint it in wild colors, but it certainly is kind of wild - all of the musical instruments ... who knows, maybe people will think this old lady is in a rock band! (hah)

Max and I had a few interesting conversations today. He was playing his weird music. Let's see, I listened to early Badfinger, then Steppenwolf, Led Zeppelin, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass and Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons. (he's my geek and I love him)

I'm not sure what led to this conversation ... whoops, yes I am ... I missed one. In between Badfinger and Steppenwolf, we listened to Paul McCartney's solo album - between the Beatles and Wings. One of the songs was "Teddy Boy". Max likes to explain where McCartney got his lyrics. Let me tell you, for one of the most profound composers of pop music, his lyrics came from some of the most mundane sources. But, the 'Teddy Boy's' were a youth movement in Britain in the 1950s. They were like gangs. But, these guys wore Edwardian (From King Edward in the early 1900s) clothing and began the movement to wear clothing for style, not just for work or school. Did you even wonder where that had come from?

So, there are these punks - all stylin' - out looking for trouble and I think they got into a lot of it! Lots of bar fights. This, of course, led to a conversation today about 2 other groups that grew out of this. The 'Mods', effete intellectuals, who wore effeminate clothing and road around on scooters. 'The Who' came out of this movement. Then, there were the 'Rockers', and this group wore leather and rode motorcycles. I'm telling you, it's just fascinating.

I think we are so stuck in our own thought processes here in the United States. So many of us have no idea of the development of history in the rest of the world. We were talking to Dr. Delp about this tonight and he said that when he was in Israel, that fact really struck home with him. We are used to dealing in decades, maybe even centuries, but in Israel, time is measured in thousands of years!

So ... it's 6:20 - I need to change my clothes and get ready for a concert this evening. After that, I will be ready to crash and burn. Hopefully I will get a good night's sleep. You know ... I've actually discovered that I sleep better in a hotel room when I have my doggie with me. I think I'm nuts!

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Jacqniel said...

Oh Diane,
I had a little tug on my heart when I read about your trip. I always loved (and hated) the SS tours. They were such a spiritual, God 'thing'. I felt I came away with so much more than the kids as far as my spiritual connection.
Max really likes diverse music - and his knowledge of all the history sounds interesting. How do people store all that kind of stuff in their brains? He is probably wicked at trivia games.
Have a wonderful trip. I am excited for your concert next week!
Love you! Jacque