Saturday, June 16, 2007

Much too old

Max and I figure we are much too old to drive overnight and not pay for it. Let's see ... I slept until 10:00 this morning and took a nap about 12:30 p.m. And, I haven't done much else today. Max was asleep on the couch this afternoon until I kicked him out and made him go back upstairs so that I could take another nap! I suppose it might have something to do with the fact that I didn't sleep well Thursday night either since we didn't have air conditioning. I figure tomorrow will be a better day.

The A/C guy was here yesterday afternoon and replaced the motor. Life is so good in 'frozen Diane's world'. I'm sad that we have to turn the A/C on at all, because now that it's on, it probably won't go off again until this fall and I really do love fresh air. Sigh. The animals are snuggling again. Thursday night the cats were sprawled out on the linoleum in the kitchen trying to get a little relief. Hey! They all know that mama likes the house cold. They were probably wondering what was going on.

I worked all day yesterday - realized that I had missed my new office. Cody and I had just moved in and left town the next day. We still have quite a bit to do in there to make it ours and make it fun and inviting. A few more lamps (thank heavens both of us hate fluorescent lights) and we'll be doing well for lighting. A sofa from Carol and then some funky paint on the walls. Not too funky - I'd hate to freak out the people of the church, but we ARE in the Creative Suite.

When I was in Gretna, I totally had people on the edge. I taught the Jr. High Sunday School class. We were adding a new sanctuary to the church and this caused an upheaval in the classrooms. I pretty much got to choose where we would move to. I took the old kitchen, knowing that they were gutting it and opening it up for a nice sized classroom. However, it had no windows! So ... I decided to have some fun. Especially since these kids were a lot of fun. We painted it. With a tropical fish theme. The walls were sea blue. We got fish decals for the walls, netting in varying colors, lots of fun things. I told the kids we could have black lights in the room and then we painted the ceiling yellow - for the color of the sun. It was different and a lot of fun. But, good heavens, you would think I was leading the kids down the path of destruction! One of the ladies heard about the blacklight and actually called the pastor worrying about the fact that I was putting a disco light in the room and it was going to look like an opium den! An opium den! From me! (I do have to emphasize that she really hated me - I never figured out what I had done to her, except not allow her to control me). I couldn't believe it. And I promise ... there was never any opium in that room, nor were there any other illegal drugs. And the kids DID have a lot of fun.

I've got people a little concerned about the Creative Suite. I kept threatening to hang beads for curtains and doors. That seems to be unacceptable. I guess I'll figure out a way to be subtle and wild at the same time, eh?

Today I'm thinking a lot about Ruth Bell Graham. I certainly am thankful for her impact on our world. You see, she gave up a lot to be the wife of Billy Graham and her loving support gave him the opportunity to be the man that he is. I'm thankful for her life.


Anonymous said...

The day I found about Ruth I actually shed a's sad but I we all know the party going on in Heaven has to got to be crazy!

Diane Muir said...

That party? Has an awful lot of people that I love there. I can hardly wait! My poor husband loves the Beatles and is a little afraid there will be none of their music at the party. I assure him it will be much better. Hmmmm ... we'll see what happens! {grin}