Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Put your lips together and buzz - now, take your index finger and flip your lips up and down while you do it. Feeling the insanity? Right now, today, that's what is happening here at the office.

Cody and I are changing offices to join each other in the brand-new 'Creative Suite'. That, in and of itself will be fodder for an entertaining blog, I'm sure. But, right now, it's the change! This morning, a team from an office furniture design team came in to change the modular furniture around in the offices. Which meant that yesterday we had to empty all of the shelves and drawers. Most of the stuff in the volunteer room (attendance, membership, etc.) has been deposited in my bookshelves. Yesterday I had people in and out of my office as they were emptying and depositing. I managed to keep working.

This morning began interestingly enough. Max brought me to work so that he could change the oil in the van before our trip to Colorado this weekend with Soul Seekers. We got breakfast at McDonald's and he wanted to come in and eat it with me. Hmmm ... we're messing with my patterns and my schedule! But, I'm a good woman and change is not supposed to affect me negatively, right? Whatever.

Staff meeting is always an interruption to my day. It's hard to work when you're stuck in a meeting. Today the newsletter is also produced and since that's my baby, I have to be sure to have everything ready for the volunteers: originals ready to go for printing, labels printed, mailing forms filled out, instructions typed up. And we did another mailing at the same time. It's all good.

New staff person today: Edna Fleming. That always means that we generally go out to lunch together and feed her as well. The waiter was wonderful, but it took forEVER to get out of there. More of my day slipped away from me.

All of this on top of an electrician who needs an answer about where to place a new electrical pole for the volunteer desk (I can't help him, so this is stressing me a little bit - ok, I COULD make a decision, but as soon as I did, it would be the wrong one).

My office is filled with STUFF! I have boxes of books from my aunt, shelves filled with stuff out of the volunteer space, a table filled with Luis Palau publicity stuff as well as Festival of the Arts publicity stuff and my desk feels like it has erupted paper all over the place.

I do not work well under these circumstances. Consequently, I am spending a few moments writing a blog about my randomness rather than cleaning up the mess. I'll get there.

I can't move into the new Creative Suite because they are going to spackle tomorrow and paint on Friday. I leave for Colorado on Saturday and will be gone for a week. When in the world am I supposed to move my stuff? Ack! So, my patience is wearing thin. I'm still exercising it as much as possible. But, I'm a little afraid for my poor husband this evening. He always gets the brunt of my insanity. Pray for him.

I don't like being unsettled. But, you know? It occurs to me that God likes having me unsettled. It's been a year of 'unsettledness' for me. And God has gone all the way through it with me. This is just an annoyance, not really anything that I can call important. It's just my own level of frustration.

If you wait a couple of weeks, we will be more settled into the Creative Suite. Come see us anytime. Everyone should traipse into the church offices regularly, we love to see people and sometimes feel like we are doing the work all alone up here! We might even have some m&ms for you!

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Jacqniel said...

So where is the creative suite? I will have to come visit and see it.
How nice that Max is coming along on the trip! Will you blog from there? I hope you have an awesome time.