Monday, July 26, 2010

Bored? Read a book!

I just read a status update on Facebook from a friend that said she was BORED (sorry girlfriend, it was my fodder for a blog tonight!) !  I chuckled.

When I was growing up, that was one of those things that we never admitted to in front of Dad.  If he even thought those words might come out of our mouths, he would find something for us to do and you could be guaranteed that it wasn't going to be nearly as much fun as sitting in front of the television.

Somehow, though, I hear my sister say this a lot when she doesn't have a million things to do.  She'll sit down for an hour (after having run full-throttle for three months) and inform me that she's bored.  I just want her to take a nap, for heaven's sake.

I'd give just about anything if I could allow myself to get to a period of boredom. I've managed to create multitudes of projects that are in various stages of completion (or non-completion as the case may be).  It frustrates me to have so many open activities hanging around out there, but before I can get moving on one of them, I've found something else that has a shorter shelf life and requires my immediate attention.  Before I know what has happened to me, there are then three more projects to add to the "I'll do it when I have time" list.

Then there are those tiny little things that amuse the heck out of me.  Right now I've decided that it's entertaining to quietly put my bare foot beside the sleeping cat - this is Ichabod, the mean cat.  He'll wrap his front (clawless) paws around my foot, drift off to sleep and then all of a sudden some sensation will change and he'll jerk awake, grab my leg with his back (full claws) paws and try to attack my toes with his teeth.  He won't break skin, but I'm just certain at any point that restraint might break and I'll be in trouble.  Why don't I move my foot?  Because I like the entertainment.

Tonight's post comes to you from a girl who probably shouldn't be as tired as I feel.  It's kind of difficult to wrangle intense, important thoughts from the brain this evening.  I see that sleep will come soon - or at least I will be reading my Kindle. 

Ok, I have to share a HIDEOUS response I read tonight on a post from Lifehack.  The original blog post was about how the writer had given up television over the last years and had found so much more time to do things they enjoyed doing.

This response made me snort a little.  Obviously this poor girl does NOT read books.  "Good told stories?"  "Where (sic) do you get good fiction from?" 

Rxxxx Hxxxxx  I don't know, i like good told stories. Once in a while you find them on TV, too. where do you get good fiction from (Yes, there are books, I know...)

I know that I'm being really snarky about this - but this usually was my quick response when Dad was checking to see whether we had enough to do - I buried my face in a book as quickly as possible.  This poor person hasn't seen the inside of a book since ... well ... ever?

And that's enough snarky for this week.

Mom used to tell us that if we were bored - read a book.  I'll just take care of the problem before it gets here - gonna go read a book.

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