Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Too hot to be out - stay in and read with me!

Today is going to be hot.  I refuse to play outside when it's hot like this. So, I'm actually inside writing and working.  I know, I know ... that sounds like a normal day for me.  Whatever!!!

Yesterday, I linked you to Pete Wilson's blog  I love his gentle, encouraging words.  He's one of the good guys.  Today's post on putting up with bull while being in leadership is great.

While I'm at it, I want to tell you about some of the other people I read whom I think are pretty amazing.

Rebecca Bauman.  I've talked about her in the past.  I love her!  She wrote with me on my Pour Out a Blessing blog last year.  She has a flamboyant, gorgeous way of looking at scripture.  I started writing through Isaiah 40-66 at the beginning of July and she mentioned here that it is one of her favorite parts of the Bible, so I invited her to write along with me.  However, I waited too long to invite her so that we can be in sync. If you love this section of scripture as much as the two of us do, you won't want to miss her insight.  Start with yesterday's post and keep up with her!

One of my very favorite worship leaders is Travis Cottrell.  I was introduced to him by Beth Moore.  He travels with her and leads worship at her Living Proof Live events.  What an incredible voice and what an amazing gift of leadership he has.  He doesn't post often, but getting to know his family and his love for Jesus is really special through his blogs.  

In that same vein, Beth Moore and her daughters - Amanda and Melissa all post on the Living Proof ministries blog.  What a riot to see the three of them interact with the hundreds of women (and a few men) who read and comment.  They love it all and it's readily apparent how important the ministry is to them.

Just a few more.

Stephen Brewster writes a great blog on creativity.  Funny, he has just gone to work for Pete Wilson.  Whenever he writes, I get a fresh idea about how to put creativity to work.

You all should know by now that I am addicted to the writing of Seth Godin.  He doesn't pull many punches when it comes to honesty in what we do and how we do it.  He is constantly calling for ... better!  Stop messing around and putting up with less.  You have the potential to be so much better.  He is an agent for change and has no qualms about pushing you to make change.

By no means, is this the end of all that I read during the day, but for now these are a few of the ones that I want to share with you.  Check 'em out and enjoy!

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