Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Can't wait for tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be up at the crack of dawn to drive from the cabin down to Iowa City.  I can only feel good about this because it's a shorter drive from here than from Omaha ... and I'd much rather sleep here than in a hotel room.  I'll be there for a couple of nights anyway.

I am so excited about this little trip, I could just pop.  This morning I was preparing for the next two days by cramming Greek vocabulary into my poor little brain.  As I got into it, I started crying and weeping.  While Carol tells me it's because I'm hormonal ... menopausal (just shut the heck up), I'll only accept part of that.  This truly is my passion and it just turns me inside out learn this language!  So much so that I'm really worried about breaking down during the class time!  If I get too excited about what I'm learning, I'm going to completely fall apart - it's the only way I know to process my emotions.  Dancing a jig is probably inappropriate, so I'll do my best to weep quietly. 

Ancient Greek is the language that Plato and Hippocrates spoke, Homer wrote his epic poems in this language and everything that I know and love about the New Testament is in Greek (with a little Aramaic on the side). 

The vocabulary we are learning over the next few days will help us get into some major portions of New Testament scripture and as I learn the words for light (phos) and darkness (skotia), first (protos) and last (eschatos), trust (pisteuo), faithful (pistos), hope (elpis), day (emera) and night (nux), I see portions of scripture coming together in my mind.  It's more than I can contain!!!

I question myself on a regular basis about making the decision to go further with my education.  But, a friend told me this morning that 'it was time for me to give in to what has been waiting there for me in my life.'  She's right. 

That doesn't mean I won't panic or question the decision - that's what I do.  However, I know that this visceral, emotional reaction is something that is extremely honest within me.  It's how I always react when I see God working in my life or in the lives of those close to me ... almost as if those emotions are His way of reminding me just how close He is to my heart.  A simple touch and it breaks.

I'll let you know tomorrow how the first day went.  It will be a solid eight hours of intensive learning and I can barely wait.  If I can't wait for this to begin, I'm already warning you that I will be leaping out of my skin when classes finally start on September 7th. 

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TN said...

If you need a little break & don't have any homework, you should hop down one more hour and come see Annie! Tracy & Olivia will be here Friday night. Your class sounds intense & wonderful. Enjoy!!!