Friday, July 02, 2010

My sister's friends

Alright, folks ... you are all missing it.  I'm here and you're not!!!

It's a wild, wonderful evening at the cabin with Carol and her friends.

Dave and Patty came up with Carol to help around the cabin.  Dave brought his power washer to take the dust and dirt off the cabin before Patty and Carol paint.

Painting starts tomorrow - see that nice red color?  Everything at some point will be painted red.  Oh, it's going to blend so nicely into the green foliage around here when it's done.

While he was power washing - Carol and Patty were mowing.  I went in to get pizza for everyone.  See how that works?  I like it.

There has been a bit of discussion this evening regarding the necessity of precision power washing at the cabin.  Especially since driving that much water through the eaves and baseboards brought a little more excitement to our world than expected.  Poor Dave is in the same room with three women, two of whom are Greenwoods and seem to have opinions about everything.

We're trying to talk him out of the intense use of chemicals on the other side of the house so that we don't actually soak the beds - one or two strong passes along the wall should be good enough to clean for painting.  He really doesn't want to accept that.  He's a little precise.  The girls tell me that it took him a month to wash his fence.  Every single individual piece got his attention.

Carol's all about getting the project finished.  Patty just chuckles at the insanity of their debate. 

I like the boy - he's not about to let his values get trod on by mere females.  It kind of cracks me up.  But, the reality is ... he loses.  That's what happens.

They've decided that it's time for a bonfire outside while the crazies at the park are lighting fireworks.  I'm going to have to go to bed since I'm an old lady and want to get up in the morning.  Maybe tomorrow they will continue the power washer discussion ... I, however, will be on the road and away from it.

By the way, Dave is looking for a good woman.  Maybe one that won't argue with him at every turn.

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