Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Carol

Alright, the calendar says I've missed a day, but really folks, I'm still awake - does that count for blogging every day?  Oh please say it does!

Today was Carol's birthday (alright it's 1:10 am - YESTERDAY was Carol's birthday).  Every year she has had some wild party and has worked her tail off to make the party fun.  This year was much quieter, but when I dropped her off, she told me what a great night she had. 

Let's see ... how easy could it be?  I picked her up and we went to see Twilight: Eclipse.  They even had t-shirts for sale at the theater - for sale / on sale!  And I got a Team Edward tote bag - well, of course I did!  The movie was fabulous and if you hate vampires and werewolves ... well, I'm just sorry about that!

Dinner at Lonestar then off to McKennas to enjoy one of our favorite bands - Thousand Houses.  Finally it was home to dash for the bathroom and run the dog outside before she exploded.  Which one of us was going to explode first was up for grabs, but because I'm the mama, I got to choose.  I do NOT know why I insist on leaving a place with a perfectly good bathroom knowing that I'm going to arrive home and dance at the back door until I can get it unlocked.  I'm old enough, I should know better.  I wonder if there's a little bit of that rebellion against mom telling me to go to the bathroom before I get in the car - just try!  Yup, I'm guessing that's my problem! :)

That's what was up and why there was no REAL blog this evening.  My eyes are burning, they seem to be as tired as the rest of me.  I'll be back tomorrow with real words, I promise!

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