Saturday, July 24, 2010

No, I've always been forgetful!

Sometimes I have the WORST memory.  Simple words are gone from my vocabulary.  Names escape me. I forget to take care of important things.  I've tried a million different types of reminders and at this point the only thing that is going to work is some type of neon flashing sign that hangs out on my glasses reminding me of all the things that I somehow can't even remember to notate!

The other day I wanted to pick up something at the store.  I could see the friggin' bottle in my head, I knew exactly what it did (wash delicates in the sink) and for the life of me I couldn't remember the name of the product.  I was making out a list of things to purchase and I finally went to Google and typed in "detergent handwash delicates).  Oh yah ... not so helpful.  However, it completely changed my mind as to what to purchase.  I found a couple of sites telling me that my body wash would be perfect and then my clothes would actually smell like me.  What a great idea!

It was probably 6-8 hours later as I was thinking about something completely different.  All of a sudden, I just let loose with "Woolite!!!"  Yah.  Thanks, brain.

I have been worried for a few decades about this loss of memory so have told all my friends and family that when I get old and seem to worry about it overmuch, they are to remind me that I have been losing words as long as they've known me. 

Heck, I remember those conversations better than I remember the words!

This morning (afternoon - noon - whatever), I was talking to the senior pastor of the church that hosted Greek in a Week in Iowa City about my future plans.  He's younger than me and has two Master's degrees - one of them is the Master of Divinity, which is what I'm going after.  I was laughing about my concern over my mental agility and how it's difficult to learn languages at any age (other than as a child), at my age this could be nearly impossible.  I told him I wanted to be done with my education before I turned 60, just so that I didn't have to worry about keeping those neurons firing at a fast pace.  Considering that the M.Div. will take me 3 years (at a minimum) and a doctorate could take anywhere from 4-6 years, he told me that I'd better hurry!

I guess so!!!

When I turned 50 last year, I was informed (and then made it my mantra) that 50 was the new 30.  That means that 60 is the new 40.  I plan to have lots and lots of years ahead of me.  I'm actually kind of glad now that I wasn't a crazed drunkard through high school and college (there were just a couple of years in my early 30s) and didn't end up killing millions and millions of brain cells.  It looks like I'm going to need them all from here on out!

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