Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Walk on the Moon

My brain has been so wrapped up in Greek today preparing for this class this weekend, I absolutely have nothing interesting to say!  How sad is that.  But, the good news is - today is another one of those days which received a written nod from my mother.  I posted it last year on this date, but it's good enough for another read.

Forty-one years ago we put men on the moon.  That's a pretty grand achievement.  Here's what she wrote about that day -  July 20, 1969.

The black night sparkles
With the brilliant gems set
In its obsidian crown.

Above, limitless
Space stretches, a challenge
To the minds of humans.

Man has conquered space.
Now he walks the moon
Amid the gems of night.

He has within him
The power and glory
Of God himself.

Man walks the moon and
Down below, night children
Stalk the ghetto streets.

Thus the paradox
Of man's infinite mind.
He may walk the moon.

But he fails to heed
The cry of anguish of
His fellow mortals.

Little lower than
The angels, the psalmist
Sings. How much lower?

So far to go to
Reach the angels, so much
Farther than the moon

Margie Greenwood
July 26, 1969

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