Sunday, July 18, 2010

Profound thoughts - or not ... (NOT)

Ok - so once in awhile, I choose to go to the 'odd.'  Today I need just a little break - I'm pooped and my brain has refused every single attempt at intellectual.

Oh, I thought about writing a deep thought-provoking post on growing up without air conditioning, or maybe one about how heat and humidity are but a part of the transitional cycles we all live through.  Then there were the profound thoughts I had about snakes, bugs and rodents. 

It all came to a shocking halt as I pulled a fresh 8 oz. package of cream cheese out of the refrigerator.

I adore cream cheese.  And this adoration is shared with my sister.  We use cream cheese as a condiment, a topping, a recipe ingredient, and lately it's been perfect as a vehicle for getting pills down poor Leica's throat with no problem at all!

There's nothing better than cream cheese with ketchup on potato chips, or spreading cream cheese on toast or jamming orange crusty cheetos into the cream cheese (and leaving orange trails behind). 

It really is one of those things I can't live without!

And while I'm at it - cottage cheese is another thing that I have a hard time not purchasing for my refrigerator.  When I was growing up we had milk products delivered to the back door.  Oh, we loved the days that happened.  A couple of gallons of milk, a container of cottage cheese ... and all of a sudden life got good. 

When I moved out of central Iowa, I didn't realize how much I liked the taste of Anderson Erickson milk products!  I couldn't get my hands on them as easily in Omaha.  One day I found the cottage cheese at a local grocer and nearly jumped out of my skin, I was so happy.  Then, Max found the milk at a Quik Trip.  But, alas, both of those are gone. But, joy!  I can get them in central Iowa again.  I'm under orders to bring home AE Cottage Cheese to Carol whenever I can. 

It's the little things.

So ... what is it that you can't live without?

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Cayla said...

Cream cheese is divine. I once ate half of a package, straight up--tried to buffer the carnage with crackers but they were slowing me down! (I thought I was dying later, though--I got dairy-fat overload sweats. But TOTALLY worth it.) Do you ever top yours with salsa? Chopped green chiles with olives or black beans? Jalapeno paste or jelly? All are delicious...

HyVee stores in Omaha carry some AE dairy products, as far as I recall/ understand--I remember tasting their yogurt and loving it.

There's this crappy-ish but completely delectable candy with which I've been mildly obsessed since high school--Goetze's Caramel Creams--a thick taffy-ish "caramel" (really more like a dense, dry-ish nougat) with a vanilla fondant center. Holy crap. I love! It's a flavor-texture combination that I find addictive. I've found the stores that carry them, and I have a very hard time not buying at least 4 bags at a go...Also have a hard time not eating all 4 bags in the car on the way home, but hey, self-control can't always be my strongest suit. :)