Thursday, June 24, 2010

Excitement with Leica

Leica and I have had an interesting morning already. 

I got up kind of late ... how could I not snuggle in?  It's absolutely gorgeous this morning!  Low humidity, lower temperatures.  Oh ... joy.

But, I opened the front door and let her out.  She kind of enjoys doing her thing.  Yesterday she chased something or other out of the yard.  I heard her barking, ran outside in time to see her heading through the meadow.  Hmmm ... wonder if she saw a deer or something else caught her eye.  She headed to the lower meadow which would be a virtual forest of brambles, high grasses, and fallen tree limbs to me, much less a short little dachshund.  I called her back, but whatever it was she saw must have gone in to that area and she wanted to follow.

Back to this morning ... after awhile, I went out to call her in, I wanted to take a shower and get ready for the day and she'd been gone long enough, it was time to remind her where home was so that she wouldn't get too far from the sound of my voice.

When I stepped outside, I saw something strange in the meadow ... weird reflections.  Holy cow, the meadow is flooded!  Not badly, but at some point in the night, the river had crested its banks and I could hear it flowing again, which means it is in the lower meadow and I could see that it had come into the upper meadow (my cabin is up yet another level ... I'm totally safe).  It hadn't filled the upper meadow at all, but there was water. 

I couldn't find her anywhere. I called and called, whistled and called some more.  Now, know that I wasn't fully dressed - at least not enough to go wandering through the meadows looking for a dog.  I still have some thought towards decency, people do still drive the roads around here.  I called, whistled, clapped, did everything I could think of.  By this point, she usually comes around a corner or I catch a glimpse of her bounding back to me.  No such luck.  All I could think was that she had gotten caught in the floodwaters and she was gone.  Sigh.

Back inside, a quick shower and I was going to head for the lower meadow to see if I could find any trace of her.  Fortunately, as I got out of the shower, I heard the tinkle of the tags on her collar.  I called her name, she jumped off the bed and came wagging to greet me.  Stupid little dog ... scared me to death!

After a bit, I called Max and as I was talking to him, I heard the sound of inevitable cleanup.  I flung the headset off my head, yelled that I'd be back in a minute and tried to grab the dog before she puked all over my bed.  I was too late.  She dashed outside once more to finish ridding herself of whatever was in her stomach, I cleaned up and remembered that I had Max on the phone. 

I think I've had enough excitement for the morning.  But, it is still absolutely gorgeous outside, the birds are singing, the bugs are buzzing, the dog is asleep (in the other bed on my pile of clothes again - don't think I don't recognize this for the catastrophe it could be) and peace has returned.  It's always good to get the blood pumping in the morning, isn't it!!!

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