Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Love Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms have been keeping me up the last few nights and I plan on being fully awake tonight with one that threatens to rumble through.

When I was growing up, Dad was mostly deaf.  It wasn't until the late 60s that he was able to have a specialized surgery that restored his hearing.  That meant that he didn't hear the high winds and the sound of a storm didn't frighten him.  He would ensure that we were all safe and then enjoy the storm.  It was always an adventure for him, so that's the way the three of us kids grew up.  Storms were to be respected, but not feared.  One year during a tornado while we were in the basement (camping is what he called it), a tree was ripped out and dumped on our house.  Because of the way he handled it, we just weren't scared. 

Mom and he would set up cots in the basement, take down radios and flashlights, candles, blankets and pillows and long before the storm hit, we were on our adventure for the night.

My dog isn't at all fond of storms.  She shivers and shakes and stares at me with pitiful eyes.  I try to tell her it's going to be ok, but I'm sure it doesn't help when a loud crack of thunder rips through the sky and I jump because I'm startled. 

Just after Dad's surgery, mom told the story of a quiet summer night when Dad jumped out of bed, rushing around to get everyone into the basement.  She got him calmed down enough to ask what was going on and he couldn't believe that she wasn't hearing what he was hearing.  The storm was rushing around outside, sure to bring down the whole house!!!  Then she realized that for the first time, Dad was hearing wind.  Not the wind from a major storm, but just wind.  They opened the shades on the window and he was entranced with the new sounds that he was able to hear.

Tonight when that first crack of thunder wakes me up, I'll remember the campouts in the basement and standing with Dad on the front porch watching storms approach.  I'll pat the dog and pull her in a bit closer so she feels safe and then fall back to sleep listening to the rain fall on the roof.

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Rebecca said...

wow love it! And a good thunderstorm gets my blood a pumpin... it is the one thing I miss from Florida!