Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm so NOT single minded.

One of my strengths and yet one of my weaknesses is that I love to do a lot of things.  I've never been comfortable focusing on one thing and becoming an expert at it.  I figured this out when I was pretty young and hoped that the world would allow me to continue along that path.  For the most part, I think I've found my way without a lot of bramble trying to trip me, but every once in awhile I see someone who excels at the top of their game in a very specific area and find myself a bit jealous.

I learn things and practice them until I do them well ... not necessarily perfect, but well.  Again, I'm a lot like my mom that way.  I have paintings, stories, poems, sculptures, thrown pots, sermons ... lots of different creative things that she did.  She learned Spanish so that she could teach ESL and work with Hispanics that were moving into our small town to work in the turkey processing plant.  She opened a quick printing business, she wrote curriculum for Methodist Sunday School programs, she did nearly anything that occurred to her to do and she always did those things well.

So ... here I sit.  I have yet to give up on sourdough bread - a third attempt is in the machine as I type, I have no less than four knitting projects in the basket beside me (that doesn't count the projects in other locations in my life), I have multiple stories that I should be working on, I'm desperate to start learning all that will be opened up to me once school begins in September, my reading list is filled with classics, mysteries, DIY, leadership/motivation, sci fi/fantasy, how to (on many different things), mythology, history (oh, I just need to make my home in a library).  I want to be good at it all!!!

I would be absolutely miserable if I thought that I had to focus on just one thing. 

When I read about individuals and their very focused lives and their exceptional achievements, I probably won't stop being envious.  But, I am grateful for the infinite curiosity that God gave me.  Every time I learn something new or experience something incredible, it just adds to who I am.

Are you single-minded and driven or do you enjoy the randomness of multitudes of things?

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