Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who Keeps You on Task?

So, who calls you out when you have given up?

Fortunately for me, I have a couple of people in my life that take care of me at that point.  Tonight it was my sister in a 3 minute conversation.

I had spent the entire day today doubting my choices, questioning my future and fretting over my past.  The entire day!  There are some times that being alone isn't necessarily a good thing.

Doubt and fear set in like the gloom that was hanging over the cabin due to the rainstorm.  In fact, the tears flowed like rain for most of the day as I questioned myself and all that I hope for.  I was ready to quit, throw in the towel, cry 'Uncle,' give up.

Then, Carol called, we talked about mundane things and I told her what was happening to my head. 

She got mad and yelled at me!  No coddling allowed, I guess.  Within a span of 3 minutes, she took me out, propped me up and kicked me into gear.  Then she had to go play volleyball and threatened to call me back later.

I suspect she's not done with me.

Which is a good thing (maybe?).

We all need someone in our lives that we trust implicitly and that person needs to have no fear when confronting us with our own fears.  The thing is, I can be that person for a lot of my friends, but I don't allow people in so close to me that they know my fears and see my stupidity.  Carol just won't put up with it from me.  I guess that comes from putting up with way more crap from me over the last 45+ years than anyone else on the planet.

Do you have someone in your life that won't let you give up, that won't let you get away with wallowing in fears, anger and stupidity?

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Amy Purintun said...

Um, I think the person that most often does that for me is.... YOU! Love ya for it, too!!