Friday, June 04, 2010

The Life of a Dog

I'd like to think I have something terribly profound to say about these pictures of my dog, Leica, hanging out in the sunshine, but I'm not quite the 'parable' writer that my friend Rebecca is, so I'll just share them with you.

She has a tendency to just walk out the front door if I leave it open for any length of time.  I certainly don't mind.  When we're in Omaha, I have to keep her on leash because I'm afraid she'll run into the alley behind the house or the street in front of the house and get smushed by a fast-moving car.  Up here, though, she's got a lot of freedom and takes advantage of it as often as possible.

There are a lot of times that I will go out looking for her if she's been gone for awhile and I discover that she's managed to walk up the lane and out onto the road - sometimes just wandering up the road sniffing at all the great scents or over to the park to see what is going on.  Thank heavens traffic is light on this road. I keep a pretty close eye on her on the weekends because traffic increases with people camping in the park.

I fell asleep last night about 8:30 and Max woke me at 10:30 when he called after arriving in the Tahoe area.  I let her outside and then hit the bathroom myself.  I heard her bark.  That only happens if someone (or thing) invades her space.  By the time I got to the front porch, she was barking and chasing something away from our front area.  Now, there was one of my fears coming to the forefront ... she is such a scent hound, I was scared to death she would chase until she was far, far away.  Finally I heard her collar and she came bounding back to me - quite proud of herself for protecting her domain, I'm sure.

Last week I went looking for her and discovered her right outside the front door laying in the sun - sound asleep.  She's such a little thing and has absolutely no body fat, of course she likes the heat of the sun!
Yesterday I discovered her asleep under the tree in front of the cabin - she'd found another sunny place and was sound asleep.  By the time I had gone back in and gotten my phone and walked out to take her picture, the noise and activity had disturbed her enough to wake her up, so she's looking at me in the picture.

And by the way, Max ... I want my camera back.  You got to use it for two weeks - it's mine now!  Pictures just aren't the same when taken by a Blackberry!

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Rebecca said...

Leica is adorable and if I were to write a parable about that cute little four legged friend it would be easy to draw the parrallel between her adventuring spirit and your quest for knowledge... what she does with her sniffer you do with your mind and it just makes you kindred spirits! Such great adventures for the both of you! And the way you care for her and try to keep her on target...God does for you... and I think sometimes when he catches you napping away exhausted after a long day of study he smiles at you the way you smile at her... lounging in the sun :) looooove it and you!