Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thankful for little things!

Good heavens - tomorrow is the first day of July! We are halfway through 2010!

Now, that I've stated the obvious, I'll move forward.

I've really enjoyed blogging every day this last month. Sometimes it has been difficult for me - I actually couldn't think of a thing to say until I got going, but for the most part, I have loved it. I think that I will continue on through July. Once I have the momentum going, I should do my best to maintain it, right? Right.

Last night I didn't sleep at all. Well, ok ... no, not really.

I went to a movie on Monday night with a friend - at 9:45 pm, so didn't get much sleep Monday night, knowing that I would sleep like a rock once I got to the cabin. I crawled in between freshly laundered sheets, lay my head down on the pillow, sighed and read enough of a book to put me to sleep by 9:30 last night. It was awesome!!!

At 12:45, though I woke up because I really had to go to the bathroom. I did, flushed the toilet and turned to take my weary self back to bed. But, the flush sounded weird. I went back, tried again, thinking I just hadn't hit the handle hard enough. No ... no water in the tank. What? I turned the sink faucet on - no water there. Oh, this is bad ... this is very bad.

I walked back to the bed, sat down and tried to think. What could possibly be the problem. Finally I pulled on some clothes, grabbed two (one was obviously not going to do it in my state - I needed two) flashlights and headed outside to the main electrical box. Let's just see if the breaker for the well had been tripped. Oh yah ... there's a padlock. Back to the cabin for the key, back to the box. Weird, how do I open this thing (it's 1 am and dark, give me a few minutes of stupidity, ok?). I got it open, looked at the breaker for the well, and no, it hadn't tripped, but I flipped it just for good measure.

That didn't actually do me any good. Back to sitting on the bed. Ok - there's a spigot at the well pit, if it has water, there's a problem between the well pit and the cabin; if it doesn't, it's a problem in the well pit. No water at the spigot. Hmmm.

Back to sitting on the bed. There was absolutely nothing I could do at 1:00 in the morning. So, knowing that I could make a call at 8, I tried to go back to sleep. But, my brain wouldn't turn off. What if there was a real problem with the well - which is out in the middle of that flooded meadow? They aren't going to do anything until the flooding is down. What if this doesn't get taken care of? Carol and some of her friends are coming up this weekend and she'll be so disappointed if she can't! What if, what if, what if?!?!

I pulled out my Kindle in order to shut my brain up. I couldn't stand the noise rattling around in there. Two and a half hours later, I figured I should try to sleep. But, it didn't happen. I had already told myself that I couldn't fix it until morning. But, I wasn't listening.

I tossed and turned the rest of the night. I was dreaming about how the water miraculously fixed itself. I would go to the sink, turn on the faucet and water would pour out. At one point, whoever I was with in the dream, told me to try it one more time. I said to that person, "Is this a dream? I've been dreaming all night that it is ok and every time, I end up waking up!" They assured me I wasn't dreaming. Well, phooey on them, I really was!

Finally at 6:30, I just got up and at 8:00 called the well company. The first thing she asked was if the well pit was flooded. Well, heck, I don't know! She sent a couple of guys out - it was flooded and the pressure switch was more than likely corroded. They ran back to town for a sump pump, flushed the water out, changed out the switch and voila - running water.

It's weird. For those twelve hours I was without water, I spent time focusing on the fact that I needed a shower and that I couldn't flush. Since it has been fixed, I get a little explosion of glee everytime I think about being able to actually flush and wash my hands. I normally wouldn't even think about those things, but just twelve hours of being without re-focused my attitude towards something so small.

Oh, in a day or so, I'll be back to taking running water for granted, but today, I'm thankful for the things that we consider to be a normal part of life.

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Cayla said...

Yep, yep. Amen to that! The few times at work that our power's blinked, I've sworn that I'll not take for granted the electricity, once it comes back on. Yet somehow it takes another blink episode to remind me...

Also, I love that you said "phooey on them"--phooey! Heeheehee! That's a giggle-inducing word. Love it!