Saturday, June 05, 2010

Move forward without complaining.

Do you have as much fun as I do living in today's world?  I feel like there is this crazy wild blend of the old and new as I find old friends and remember great times from my childhood, youth and young adulthood and then as I watch technology radically change how we continually interact with the world.

I try really hard not to lament about how things were so much better when we were kids ... listening to that stuff wearies me.  Things were different that's for sure, but I actually remember telling myself that when I was as old as my parents I would NOT deride the contemporary music of the time.  I'll be honest with you, I don't really listen to too much of it - I'm stuck in the 70s.  But, if you make me listen to it, I generally like it.

All of the complaining that my generation (and those around me) do about what is going on in the schools and with kids and all of the technological changes and the way the music sounds, etc,. etc., is very similar to what I heard my parents' generation saying and the generations before theirs.  

There are things that are more difficult and some of the changes aren't necessarily good, but I find that when we encounter people who are willing to innovate within the current timeframe rather than simply complain about it, we encounter positive change.

You have to know that I'm not terribly fond of complaining - whether it is in a church, or about a political party or a current event or a crisis.  Complainers don't get much done.  In fact, they're pretty much limited to just that ... complaining.  

I once promised a pastor that if I ever came across something that I thought was a problem or being done wrong, I would only complain if I had a positive resolution to the problem and if I was willing to kick in and do something about it.  If he didn't want my help or didn't like my ideas, that was fine ... but I'd heard enough from those who just wanted to whine about the way things were done rather than actually be positive and proactive to make things better.

Tech, science, geek blogs are some of my favorite things to read.  There is nothing more fun than to see innovation and creativity explode.  It seems as if there is something exciting happening every single day.  

And if you want to see a young man who is using his creative mind to make the world a better place ... check out Pranav Mistry in this TED video.

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Higgiq said...

I think that I had a great childhood and I wish that my kids could have some of the freedom I had. But I cringe when I get that email that says all the things we did as kids and survived anyways. We were LUCKY. And I think a cell phone and computer would have come in real handy when I was 20.