Friday, August 22, 2008

Halfway There

Ok, I'm way beyond the midpoint of my life (I suspect). It's an interesting thought process ... thinking about the past and the future. I have a lot of past behind me and of course, I have no idea how much future.

I've been reading a couple of novels lately that were written in the late 80s and early 90s. When they talk about the recent past, it's one that I'm very familiar with. The 70s. These books have thrust me back into memories that I have long since quit looking at.

My nephew has just started college. He has an immense future in front of him. At least 4 years of college, maybe marriage and kids, a career. Those decisions are all behind me now. It's just plain weird!

I have experienced 5 different decades. World War II was prevalent in the memories of the generation just before me. My grandmother was born in 1900. Her husband in 1898. These dates seem like eons ago, yet those two people are clearly present in my heart and mind.

This is weird.

Linear time. Memories. The past. The future. History. All of these things exist because God created us within 'time.' Hmmm ... when I read the opening of Genesis, my teaching tells me that the first thing that was created was the heavens and earth.

But, read that sentence again. "In the beginning ..." God created time first. There was a beginning. That means there is an end. (I know, I know ... read all the way to Revelation ... I'll find the end.) Could we cope with life that has no beginning and no end ... just existence? What an interesting concept!

I feel out of place right now in the timeline.

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