Monday, August 25, 2008

I Want to be a Writer

If I had any concerns before today about the intensity of my desire to write, those were allayed this morning.

I took Leica out, grabbed the mail and sat on the stoop to flip through the letters and junk while she wandered around the front yard. Junk, junk, junk, a note from Priscilla, I recognized the Christian Book Distributor catalog, clothing catalog and what's this? My first issue of "The Writer." I had decided that maybe I needed to delve more deeply into the world of writers and see what I could learn from them.

As I began scanning the articles, I recognized names of authors I read, some I didn't read but knew who they were. It looked like a lot of good information for a beginning author. I started to get excited.

I turned to an article by Jane McBride Choate called "12 ways to prepare for publishing." I barely got through the first three points and I was sobbing. With excitement! I had to drag the dog back inside (she was quite unwilling, it's a beautiful day) and sit down at my computer to write ... this.

Ok, I also am placing my online order at and had just remembered to order toilet paper, so that was a priority in the middle of typing this blog, but sigh ... real life enters in sometimes.

Sometimes it doesn't seem so difficult to choose writing over cleaning the kitchen. Honestly, that was in my plans for today (cleaning the kitchen). But I have the fridge emptied, the trash taken out back and the dishes washed. I think I'm going to leave the floor for later and see what empties out of my brain!

Hmmm ... it's noon. Do I need lunch first? Nope. I guess not.

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