Sunday, August 24, 2008


It's never easy to train someone to take over your job. There are so many things that are done instinctively and through sheer repetition. The gal who is taking over the Communications Director position at FW is amazing. She is a fabulous graphic artist and I'm a little intimidated by that. I try not to be - that was never my strength, but still ...

The only things I need to be able to tell her are how FW works, where I've hidden files (no really, I'm fairly organized), how all of the systems work, due dates, etc., etc. Since it's easier for me to just get these things written down in some sort of organized fashion, I've finally begun doing that. All of the details that are in my brain are finally rushing onto paper (ok, digital screen ... whatever). I've been processing on this for weeks. However, she starts work tomorrow and I'm guessing today is as good a time as any to actually get my thoughts from my brain through my fingers.

There are lots of small details on how to run the printers in the office, who actually is responsible for getting information to her, which processes she is responsible for, etc., etc. Those are starting to come out. It will take most of the day for me to be sure that I've gotten everything said. And, then I am confident that I will have forgotten something very important.

Whenever I would leave for a few days and have to ask Carol (or someone else) to take care of my animals, I always typed out an immense 2-3 page set of instructions. Just call it a brain-dump. I have since learned that my witty commentary and highly detailed information meant nothing to anyone other than me and just decided that I would leave the food beside the dish and expect that she could probably find the kitchen sink to turn on the water. No instructions get left anymore.

Now, I don't do this very often, but I wonder if God looks at us with the same sense when we really don't pay attention to his set of instructions. Do you think that He worries that much over the commentary and instructions that He left us? Is God offended by our lack of attention to it? Hmmm ... I wonder.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! I didn't realize how much alike we are!!! I have TYPED pages listing Olivia's schedule and what she likes to eat and humorous additions...I had a lot of people watch when she was little. I even put them in a plastic cover...NO ONE READ THEM!!! Not even my mom. She would ask me a question and I would say "did you read my sheet?" "Oh." she would answer. So, if anything are a nice addition to her baby book...

I quit wasting my time with it. I'm a doer not a delegator!

Love -- Tracy K