Friday, August 29, 2008

A nap? At 10:30 pm?

Why yes I did. I took a 2 hour nap at 10:30 and I feel great! Oh stop giggling. You know that you'd love to be able to do that. I had finished the first chapter of a story I am writing and my brain had totally exhausted my body.

At 12:19, I woke up from a strange dream. I've decided I miss Jen. Especially when it comes to singing harmonies. You see, we would be somewhere - in the car, at church, wherever and split out harmonies with whatever song was happening. Oh, it always sounded better with our harmonies. Trust me. But anyway, in my dream, she was there, but too far away to actually allow me to hear which part she was taking. I had this stupid girl close to me that kept flipping to the part I was taking. We would start out just fine and then she couldn't hold on to her part. Weak-willed fool. We were singing "One Pure and Holy Passion" in my dream. The weirdest thing about that - is that at FW when I was leading worship, that's the one song I never participated on stage in (I know that it's a bad sentence - sorry!). I haven't thought about that specific song in months and there it was ... in my dream.

Well, I woke up, rushed to the bathroom (because that's what I do when I wake up in the middle of the night), took the dog outside and realized that for the first time today I actually felt fully awake.

So, in the last few minutes I became confident of two things. 1. I can hear harmonies in my dreams. Ok, I can even sing them. 2. I am a night person.

And I'll be doggoned if I can rid my mind of the song now. I suspect it will be stuck there for the next few hours. Good thing I like the song.

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