Friday, August 22, 2008

To an End

My time is really coming to an end right now with regards to Faith-Westwood. I managed to leave that job in a slide rather than a jump. The contract to help them maintain communication is nearly up and I pulled my last piece of stuff out of the office on Wednesday.

I think I'm glad to be done (done will occur next week when the new Communications Director finally dives into the job). It's impossible for me to limit myself to 10 hours / week. In fact, I just plain don't do it. There is stuff that has to be finished and no one else to do the work. It's fine, I knew it was temporary.

I do a lot of things well. I manage to multi-task really well. Except when it comes to writing and researching, reading and processing. For those things, I need quiet. Uninterrupted quiet. I can't be thinking of a million things that need to be done. I will tend to do those million things first so that I can get back to the quiet. I know that my quiet time during the day is really limited. Max comes home from work, friends want to go out to dinner, family is around. All of a sudden, I'm not concentrating.

So, I'm glad to be done. I'm glad to retrieve hours of concentration back into my world. Now, if I could just quit thinking about how to fix that place!

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Anonymous said...

maybe you should write a book on "how to fix that place" - there are many churches that need help getting fixed. Most don't even know it! (grin)