Thursday, August 14, 2008

Quick Run to the Quick Trip

After supper tonight, we made a quick run to the Quick Trip. Max went in for me, I sat in the car and watched people. I needed AAA batteries for my Mighty Bright Booklight. It wasn't so quick. They lock their batteries up in a case. Someone had to track down the key for the case. I'm guessing they don't sell a lot of batteries.

As I waited, I watched a 20-something young man dressed in security guard clothing. He was emaciated. Ok ... skinny. I could've taken him. He wasn't terribly threatening. He came out with a package of gummy bears. Quick sugar. So young.

My eyes were quickly arrested by the strange man who had saran wrap around his left calf. Shorts and a t-shirt. Really. He didn't look so strange ... except for the badly wrapped saran wrap. He was in front of Max at the counter. I asked Max if he could tell why there was plastic wrap and he said he couldn't see a thing.

Article on about James Hoyt. He was one of the first 4 GIs who entered Buchenwald at the end of WWII. Max's Uncle Bill was part of the liberation of that camp. He never talked about it. Max asked and asked and Bill just couldn't bear remembering. But, we can't dare forget.

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