Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Whoosh ...

And the last few days are over. And here I thought I was retired. I look around my house and see that not only have I not gotten anything productive done as far as cleanup, but things seem to have gotten worse. Errr ... what? It's not like I have left my desk to do much other than leave the house. So, I'll blame Max. It's what I do.

I can tell that people are headed back to their normal fall activities. I'm creating pieces to kick off programs at church and I'm creating pieces for Carol and her 6th grade class.

Met up with some friends at Pepperjax. GoodNESS, but that's one of my favorite places to eat. Fortunately I don't feel guilty over taking up a table and reducing the possibility of a waiter's tip. We were able to hang out and chat for a few extra minutes. That was a good thing. I love my friends.

It's pretty interesting - I have wonderful, wild friends that are in my life in so many different ways. Have you ever given any thought to how varied your friendships are? Once, long ago (many years - don't ask), Carol and I were trying to put together a dinner party. As we considered who would work well together, we realized that our friends were so very different, it probably wouldn't work out to have them all together at the same time. What a riot!

I treasure the differences that my friends bring to my life. Each causes me to look at the world a bit differently. If all of my friends were exactly alike, I would only see the world from a single perspective. But, as it is, my mind is constantly maneuvered into new avenues. If one were missing from my life, I would lose the perspective that they bring to me.

So ... tonight, I'm much too tired to delve deeply into the truth that is friendship. Jesus wants us to be His friend. And if we are a friend of Jesus', we are a friend of God. Sounds pretty good to me. Maybe that is what I will cogitate upon as I drift off to sleep. Goodnight!

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Anonymous said...

"Cogitate" had to say that one outloud. I love words! But I like to mess with the Resplendent. Now this word is technically a reference to clothing..."Cinderella looked resplendent in her ball gown." However, I like to push the limits and say something like, "Elora's resplendent smile revealed her 6 new teeth." You wear a dress, you wear a smile....see I'm a rebel!!!

Love you --

Tracy L K Simpson