Friday, September 26, 2008

Ahhhh ... much better!

Life is THAT much better when things begin heading back towards normal. Max finished with my computer about 9:00 pm. I sat down at my desk, rearranged my things (I am becoming quite concerned with my obsession over unnecessary details) and I felt all warm and fuzzy inside (there's a joke somewhere about eating a cat - warm and fuzzy inside, get it? Oh well.)

So, now it's 2:45 am, the dog is sound asleep beside me, the cat is wandering around feeling a lack of attention and Max is asleep. The house is quiet, the crickets are chirping ... hmmm ... different pitches, quite a song!

I believe I might have gotten a bit more sleep when I was limited to a laptop that didn't have my life on it, but wow, that's just not any fun now, is it?

I've paid bills, worried over the economy (those two things work well together, eh?) become annoyed with campaign season, tried to learn some new information (today in 1957 - West Side Story debuted on Broadway), sorted old mail, discovered that the Tastefully Simple website was down for maintenance and picked trash up off the floor in the study (Max was ripping boxes apart on the floor - he got the big stuff, but managed to completely miss small pieces of trash).

Time for bed. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Nope, there's nothing going on ... just looking forward to the day!

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