Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Challenge You ...

There is a very interesting group called TED (Technology Entertainment Design) that holds a conference each year with the hope that the free exchange of ideas will change the world. Some of the most brilliant minds speak at this conference and many of these talks are available for the rest of the world to experience.

There is an annual prize given each year and in 2007 it was awarded to James Natchwey, an international photojournalist. The prize consists of $100,000 and the granting of a wish. His wish comes to fruition this Friday, October 3. He asked for assistance in accessing a story that needed to be told and in disseminating the breaking of that story in creative, digital ways so that many people around the world would be part of this.

After viewing the video below, I am absolutely terrified of what story he finds so important that he has asked the digital community to assist him in breaking it. The man has seen the worst that this world has to offer and has photographed it in a compassionate, yet extremely honest manner.

I challenge you to watch his talk at TED all the way through. If you can do so without feeling surges of emotion, you have more control than I. It is 20+ minutes long (the last 2 minutes are an ad for clean water).

And then, come back here on Friday, click on the badge and we'll see what story he is telling.

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