Monday, September 15, 2008

Found: Lost Memories

Oh my, I just delved back into my scrapbooks from high school and college. I haven't looked through these in years. Pictures from musicals and shows, pictures from trips around the country, pictures from groups I performed with, newspaper articles, invitations, memories from an innocent, wonderful time of my life. I cried at the things I had forgotten. Best friends that are scattered around the world, boys that I loved, pets that I treasured.

Though it may be an overwhelming task, it's time to start scanning my memories to ensure that I have access to them digitally. I have watched too many natural weather occurrences destroy these things lately. I have several lifetimes of information that need to be preserved. The thing is, it might take a lifetime to get all of this digitized ... but, I'm ready. It will be one of the most enjoyable things I ever do!

I am one of those very fortunate people. I had a wonderful childhood. I loved junior high, I had a great time in high school and college (all 3 that I managed to attend in 4 years) was a blast! I had terrific friends, I had a great family. I was very fortunate. So, as I look back on those years, I get to do so with a sense of joy at the fun I had and nostalgia at the things I miss.

And I have to say ... the music of the 70s? Can you even believe it? How fortunate was I to be in high school and have the radio on when that great music was first being played! Ummm ... oh yah!

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Cayla said...

I am exceedingly jealous over the era in which you grew got to be a part of the music AS IT EMERGED!!
you rock. fo' realz. shoot...