Wednesday, September 03, 2008

So Much, So Little

Alright, my poor brain has decided that it wants to explode. And that's only because I seem to be abusing it. Sometimes I have difficulty accepting a linear type of input into the brain. I want to absorb it all and I want to make it happen right now!

Here's the deal.

  • I want to re-work my website. I've started hacking at it. Pulled some things off that needed to be gone. I've gotten Dreamweaver back and I'm working away at it.
  • I'm writing. I have 2 different fictional stories rattling around in my brain. This doesn't include the 2 others that I have begun but not finished. What this means is that I have story lines happening regularly in my mind.
  • I have a short study I'm writing (Bible-based study on "The Shack") and a long, intensive study that I am just starting to process on.
  • I am working with Matthew as he learns Biblical Hermeneutics and as he is doing the Old Testament survey class.
  • I have completely re-discovered my intense passion for fiction.
  • I need to continue to clean and purge the garbage from my house.
  • I am knitting again - I can, however, do this as I read.
  • Some of my favorite television shows are starting up this week (Bones is the first).
  • I've begun playing Dungeons & Dragons with my family. This requires a bit of study and research on my part so that I play well and it is an enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • One of my great joys is emailing back and forth with friends and family. I generally try to put a lot of thought into those missives.
Consequently, the mundane things in life tend to annoy me. They take up brain activity that I don't want to relinquish. Things like actually talking to people (my husband), going to the bathroom, taking a shower and getting dressed in the morning (it's always better after it's done), sleeping, making a real meal and not snacking on crap, taking the dog out for a potty break, etc., etc.

What generally happens is that I begin to process on all of these things at once and my brain lurches into a dead stop. That's guaranteed to put me to sleep. I then avoid everything and do nothing. It takes a fair bit of discipline to keep me on track and to remind myself to maintain a linear mode of thinking. Some days I don't exercise that discipline and I discover a level of frustration at the end of the day.

I'm definitely not going to complain about these things in my life. I am fortunate that these are the things that I get to concentrate on during the day. Now, if I can just make the brain slow down a bit so that I can catch up, all will be pretty near perfect!

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