Saturday, September 27, 2008

Announcing - A New Blog

I am beginning a new blog on October 1: Pour Out a Blessing. You will find the first day's blog up there already, but the next won't hit until October 2.

The desire to study scripture and then teach what I learn is quite intense in me. Before I decided to go ahead with this, I needed to ensure that I would be able to maintain the insanity of writing something on a daily basis. I can. Especially when I do most of the writing beforehand and just schedule the uploads.

I have chosen 31 of the Psalms to begin this project. We will read one each day during the month of October and I will have done a little study and a bit of writing about them. I'm not yet sure what will happen during November, but right now it looks like I will be studying I & II Peter.

There is a fabulous tool that allows me to reference scripture passages and it will highlight those for you so that you don't have to click away from the blog. Cool stuff!

You can either choose to read this in the blog format, or I will be glad to email the daily information to you. If you would like to receive this via email, just drop me a line at nammynools(at)cox(dot)net and I will get you on the list.

You don't have to know me well to be a part of this journey, in fact, if you have a friend that would enjoy (or could use) a daily prodding to get in to Scripture, please invite them to participate either on the blog or via email.


Cayla said...

will you still post on this blog, as well?
(i'd imagine so. you are always thinking--plenty of introspection to fill 2 blogs!)

Diane Muir said...

Yah ... I'll brain dump on two blogs. Life is never boring.

Cayla said...

yaaay! :)