Friday, September 26, 2008

My little corner of the world

Here is my world during the day. The door beside me is open all the time ... beautiful breezes coming through. The overhang doesn't allow rain to get in and it's always shaded. The books in the case are Max's. Lots of photography stuff and a few other strange things. One of these days, we'll find this collection of books a new home and mine will start showing up in here. But, for now, this is ok.

This is Max's space. (behind my chair). He gets the back of the room. But, if he wants the two windows open, that's easy. He tends to like to control the lighting of the room, so the blinds don't get opened very often - especially when he's working on his photography. The crazy man has calibrated our monitors to a specific lighting set. I love him.

And because my girl (Leica) hangs out with me all day, here are a few pictures I snapped of her. Sitting up on her haunches, she is generally telling me that it's time for her to go outside. She can hear Max's van come in the alley. She pops up to watch him get out of his car and walk towards the house, then runs down the stairs to greet him. Not a bad life, eh?

I finally got a new bed for her - reduced the clutter of blankets in the room. It's pretty amazing. She is so at peace with the world and I'm absolutely certain that this little dog keeps me calm, just by hanging out with her.

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Anonymous said...

I love that you posted these pics! I feel like I'm there, too. Thanks!