Thursday, September 25, 2008

I feel so out of synch

I feel like I should be writing more here, but to be honest with you, my world seems out of synch and I don't know how to overcome it so that I can concentrate on writing! With all of the shows I've been watching and books I've been ready that have to do with psychosis and obsessive compulsives, it makes me curious about myself.

Oh well, sigh ...

My car is at the garage. I don't know anything yet. The tow truck driver announced to Max last night that he had 'never heard that sound before.' Great. As the guy at the garage said to me when I told him that, 'that's a little unnerving.' Ummm ... yup. That's my baby you're talking about there. I waited for a long time to get her, please take care of her!

After much hashing and thrashing about, the motherboard finally arrived at my doorstep this morning. Now I have to wait for Max to get home so that he can even begin to install it. That doesn't include all of the insanity that will commence once the board is installed.

Sigh ...

Things are discombobulated in my world and I obviously don't handle it well. Who knew? At least I'm not just sleeping ... I'm whining.

Carol is coming to pick up our television later this afternoon. I have a large amount of 'stuff' that I'm also giving to her. Things for her to use in her classroom. Lots of great books, and for some reason or other, I have a bunch of toys from fast food restaurant promotions. She can give those away to her kids. She's getting all of my games for her classroom and some other crap that I hope she can use. It will be good to have more stuff gone from my world, but it's never enough.

So, nothing extraordinary or holy or even thought-provoking happening in my world right now.

Sigh ...


JB said...

I hear you. Sometimes life seems to throw a brick at you.

...but tomorrow the sun will rise.

Diane Muir said...

You're right. It is good to know that there is one glorious thing that never changes. (good thing I live here and not at one of the poles, eh? {hehe})