Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What do you do when you're angry?

Ok ... my day sucked. In nearly every way.

The morning didn't start out badly at all. I woke up, came upstairs and logged on to the computer. The wind was blowing outside, I had the door open and the screen was allowing me to enjoy the breeze. What a beautiful day this would be. There was a storm brewing, but I was looking forward to enjoying it from the comfort of my little study.

Storm brewing - hah!

About 11:45, I decided it would be a wonderful thing to go get lunch today, rather than forage through the kitchen. I put Leica on the leash and opened the back door. OH! There's a box there from Amazon.com. I know what's in it, so I don't need to open it, just put it inside on the kitchen counter and head out. I did that and Leica was pulling on the leash - ready to go. I walked out the door, pulled it shut and said, "(INSERT EVERY CURSE WORD HERE) I left the keys on the counter and am stuck out here with no way to get back in!!!"

My brain went into overdrive and I realized that Max would be going to lunch soon. I did have my wallet and my cell phone. I called him. He told me he would be getting off in 15 minutes and then he would come home and let me back in the house. So, I sat on the back stoop and enjoyed the breezy time, called a couple of friends, chatted with them, watched Leica play in the yard. He showed up 1/2 hour later and let me in.

After that, Max went back to work and I went out to Arby's to pick up lunch. I nearly picked off two pedestrians in our alley - couldn't see them at all. That would have been bad. Then, I had to pull into a parking space at Arby's and after they brought me my food, I checked and checked and then backed up and a guy came whipping through the parking lot and I nearly hit him.

At that point, I was just glad to get home in one piece.

I spent most of the day fighting with an online computer parts retailer - they said that a package was supposed to have shipped, but it didn't. The idiot customer service people were sending me over the edge - I got a little snippy to say the least. Max was glad it was them I was focusing my anger at and not him. I was PISSED!

And THEN, to top off the whole day ...

I left the house early to pick my nephew up for a rehearsal (Canticum Novum - check out singomaha.com). We were going to head to Scooters for some caffeine before rehearsal started. I got 10 blocks from home, pressed down on the brake and heard a strange lurching sound. I managed to pull into a parking lot. The car would go in reverse, but not forward very well. I had to call Max to come get me with the other car, call Matthew to tell him I was going to be a little bit late. I left the car there and by the time I had Matthew in the car, I was spitting fire!

He's such a great kid - he just listened to me and let me rant and rave. We got to rehearsal - I was five minutes late, not too bad. Then, I took Matthew back, came back here, picked Max up so that we could see if maybe the brakes had locked up because of the rain. Ummm ... nope. And now that I think about it, it's probably the Serpentine belt.

So, tomorrow, I have to deal with getting it towed to my garage. But, we have a good warranty on the thing, the cost isn't going to be a big deal and there's no reason for me to have to go anywhere tomorrow.

Now I'm home, I finally have some supper in me. I've calmed down enough to get through the night. Tomorrow will be another day (hehe).

I try to handle my anger, but sometimes a day just freakin' gets the better of me!

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