Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Imagine My Surprise

I opened my computer this morning and discovered that everything was now displaying in Greek. Well ... not everything. But, anything that came from Windows ... all in Greek.

I giggled that 'this is going to be entertaining only if I can fix it' giggle and had to explain to Max what was happening.

"Oh no!" was his chuckle.

You see, I had installed a language pack earlier this week so that I could type out my lessons in Microsoft Word. I don't know that I really messed with it, but obviously didn't pay attention to something. Overnight Windows did an update and when my life came back online, well ... one of my erroneous clicks within the Regional languages control panel tab had now come back to haunt me.

I knew how to fix the problem, so off I went to the Control Panel. Ummm ... no. It's all in Greek. And everything has been resorted into Greek. Oh, thank heavens for icons! Max opened his control panel, told me which icon to look for. Alright, now ... I've found the icon and opened the right window. Ummm ... what do the tabs say. Ok ... now, what in the heck is Greek for 'English'?

Thank heavens for Google. I looked it up. Oh good! It at least starts with an "A" so that means it will be at the top of the list. Whoops there are a bunch of English options and I have no idea at all which is which. I was just lucky to get to this point. I took a stab. It looked like something could say "American." Maybe there was a North American English. Now ... how to get this to accept it. Finally, I figured out to hit "Apply" and clicked the button. My computer logged off and then back on.

Oh, whew! Things made sense to me again. I checked the language options and found that I had clicked on English (South Africa). Well, at least I could read the language again! So, I fixed it.

I think I had best hurry up and start memorizing vocabulary!


Fran said...

How funny, wish I could have seen the look on your face when you saw everything in Greek...kind of rushing the language learning thing aren't you???


Amy Purintun said...

DIANE!! Oh my gosh - this is soooo funny. Only because I can picture your face as you realize what had happened. Was your web-cam on? (giggle)

Glad to know you got it fixed. Yea! No need to rush yourself on this Greek thing. ;-)

Love ya!