Thursday, February 12, 2009

Webcomics and me

I planned to go to bed an hour ago. Obviously, it didn't happen. I got caught up in a strange world of characters that I really enjoy. And this time it's not television or a book.

I've discovered the joys of online comic strips. Oh, not the whole thing, though that's absolutely awesome. Yes, I have the gadget on iGoogle and have set it up with my favorite comic strips, but I'm talking about these guys who have built webcomic sites and have developed quite an amazing following, to the point where they are able to make some money and do what they love more than anything!

Tonight I spent some time with Brent Sienna and all of his cohorts, drawn by Scott Kurtz. You can find them at

Alright, the characters are geeks and play to every geek stereotype out there. But, that's why I've fallen in love with them!

I'll be honest, I came to this party quite late. I didn't discover them until last fall when the artist did some Dungeons & Dragons podcasts. I haven't had time to go back and look through old strips, which is what I did tonight.

I think I blew my brain out on Greek today and needed something that would entertain me and not tax my synapses. This was just the ticket.

Lots of fun for me.

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Fran said...

yep.......sometimes all we need is "Bubble Gum" for our brains.