Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Radio Buttons

There's yet another crisis that comes with getting old. You start running out of radio buttons. You know those little round buttons beside the age ranges on a survey?

One night last week, Max had a very panicked tone in his voice when I heard, "Oh no!" I immediately wondered what terrible thing had happened. He went on, "I've run out of radio buttons!"

Since this has been an ongoing subject of conversation for several years, I understood his comment.

But, really? Usually radio buttons go to at least 59. Have they stopped at 50+ now? He kept looking. Whew. There was at least one more radio button available.

Then, as I was on Facebook earlier today - a quick poll showed up in my News Feed.

Now, that was just rude! 13-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-49, Other. (I'm not sure why it resorted on the output page). Max would have to choose 'other'! I felt quite cocky in that I could still choose 35-49. Whew!

I don't care what the surveyors want to know this information for, they need to start thinking about their constituents! We are NOT done at 49!!! We don't turn into the OTHERS! And yes, I might be a little overexcited about this, but help me out here, folks!

Oh well, sigh ... here's hoping I'm prepared for the last radio button when I finally get there.

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Fran said...

as I say to the Mr., tick, tick, tick.........your time is coming soon to join us at the last radio button!


Love ya girl!