Sunday, February 15, 2009

What a great day!

I'm a little worn out. Two days on the road can wear a body out, but we had such a great day today. In fact, there was one wonderful little area of Mills County, Iowa that we entered into the 'Favorites' on our GPS because we wanted to return there this spring and summer.

I tend to set aside the map and just drive when I'm in Iowa. The wonderful part about that state is that it is generally set out in a grid formation. Every mile or so there is another road and for the most part they're in pretty good shape. Of course there are plenty of exceptions to that rule, but I learned long ago from a farmer boyfriend, that you just can't get too lost in Iowa. It's wonderfully comforting.

The sun was shining brightly, the snow was sparkling, the scenery was breathtaking (yup, I'm still talking about Iowa) and we were having fun. I knew that things were different today when Max would get back into the car and not rush to thaw himself out in front of the vents. He wanted to warm up, but he wasn't frustrated and annoyed. There were so many more times that he asked me to stop, turn around and go back because he had seen something he wanted to shoot. He kept telling me that he was actually excited about stopping today.

We found a little Methodist church in the middle of nowhere - founded in 1858. Twelve years later they opened a cemetery right across the road. We found an abandoned building that someone uses as a party house - lots of pop cans and cigarettes in there. A beautiful little pond just behind a gate that was left open and had long since deteriorated.

To top it off, the sunset was amazing and Max was actually able to get a picture of it because we were parked while he shot pictures of another abandoned church.

Later tonight, you'll start seeing some of his processed photos go up on his Flickr site. Check them out! There are a few there right now from yesterday, but he's not terribly happy with those. Wait for awhile before you go looking for pictures from today's shoot.

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