Friday, June 27, 2008

Adventure and Excitement

When I feel creative, I tend to want to watch adventure movies. Because of my addiction, that generally lends itself towards science fiction. "Star Wars" (episodes IV, V and VI only) tend to be the movie of choice for me. But, since I'm at home and can leave the movie in while I'm working around the house, I've already spent a day with those movies in. Today it's "The Lord of the Rings."

Movies that take my thoughts out of a life lived in central Omaha.

Given a chance, my mind loves to soar beyond the limitations that life places on me. I see communities on planets far away, I see excitement in the alley ways of cities I've never been to. I see villains and monsters, vampires and dragons, murder and thievery. But bec ause of the life that I lead, I always see hope.

I develop characters and scenes in my mind. Sometimes I get them written down - sometimes they just play there until I can process on how they might fit into a story.

Fiction is a joy. It allows the mind to think in bigger pictures than the commonness of every day life. It causes us to see big ideas in small chunks so that we can absorb them into our being. Science fiction has given ideas to inventors and scientists.

Today my mind is flying ... I wonder where I'll go!

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