Monday, June 30, 2008

Things are Happ'nin

Oh my, but it's been an eventful weekend. Lots of things happening around the Muir household, but the biggest news is that Max and I are planning to move. Oh, we're staying in Omaha ... but, outta this duplex and into a small rental home somewhere here in midtown. We've just started the process of thinking about this - and let me tell you, packing and cleaning out is going to KILL ME! I suppose that since I'm making all sorts of changes in my life, I may as well continue with the insanity, eh?

God told me last year that I had 10 years to make myself mobile. I knew that part of that meant that I was suppose to get rid of my stuff. And let me tell you, I have a lot of stuff! But, I'm certainly tired of it. As I've been wandering around the house putting some of that stuff in boxes, I find that I simply don't care about it. Oh, there are some things that have been gifts to me from family and close friends. Those things still mean something, but the rest of it? Not at all.

So, I need boxes - not to pack for moving, but to pack for Goodwill. This is going to be awesome. Though I've heard others talk about the glory of moving so that they can purge the excess from their lives, I knew that for me, I just might die before I was able to do that on a regular basis. I was wrong. I'm going to live through this.

I look forward to being able to exist without thinking about dusting and looking at the stupid things in my life. I've opened drawers and found things that I haven't seen
in years. In years! If it has been that long in my life, why in the world am I keeping it. Oh, for heaven's sake, Carol and I have a storage unit where we store more stuff from our past. That's going to be an ugly day in my life when we have to go through that as well.

I'm even going to purge books. One of these days I'm getting the Kindle and I hope to store as many books electronically as possible. Max and I think it would be great if we could get our entire lives down to a couple of computers and clothes plus essentials. Is it possible? Oh, sure it is. Will it happen soon? Doubtful. But, in 10 years? Well, if God is pushing me to get busy right now to start shedding the stuff - I guess in 10 years He will find a way to get me to shed the rest of it.

So really ... anyone want a Department 56 Christmas village? Alright, alright - I'll put it up on Craig's list unless I hear from you.

Bye bye stuff!

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Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!! Are you KIDDING me? I can't believe what I just read.... this is beyond exciting! Hooray for Diane and fresh new beginnings!!